I grew up around my professional photographer SHUTTERBUG grandfather following me and my brothers around with his camera. I hated it.  Most pictures of me are with a frown or scowl!  It wasn't until I was 15 years old when I realized that I was MUCH more comfortable being BEHIND the camera. I never outgrew that feeling. Later, I made a career in elementary teaching, but the camera has always still to this day, been by my side (even in the classroom.)  Landscape photography was my first love, but I've found that colleagues and friends kept asking me to stick them in my landscape pictures (or I'd talk them into it!)  I love trying to set up a scene, but I find that the BEST photographs are the ones that start out posed and then morph into the feeling, the laughter, the joy... the memories.  I want to make our time together as fun and easy as possible!  I WAS that person who hated her picture getting taken. I get it. I still do. First and foremost, I believe one needs to connect and trust the person behind the camera. Let's explore a beautiful landscape together and make that happen.